Discover the art of furoshiki

  • ORU furoshiki is your stylish & sustainable alternative to paper gift wrap & bags.
  • Our exclusive designs are hand-printed in Japan by skilled artisans.
  • Effortlessly transform our versatile fabrics into handbags, scarves & gift wrapping without using scissors or tape!
  • Our fabrics can be endlessly repurposed, making great gifts & eco-friendly alternatives.

What is Wrapping Fabric?

Traditionally known as furoshiki, wrapping fabric is a thoughtful alternative to traditional gift wrap and bags. Furoshiki has been embedded in the Japanese culture for centuries, and inspires those around the world for its beauty and versatility.

Endless Possibilities

Beyond stunning gift presentation - ORU wrapping fabrics are meticulously hand-printed in Japan on 100% cotton and can be uniquely reinvented. The wrapping of a gift can later be worn as a scarf, converted into a handbag or shopping tote, hung as a tapestry and much more. The only limitation is your imagination!

Kanagawa, Japan

We are committed to providing the finest quality furoshiki. Our Japanese printing partner uses traditional hand-printing techniques perfected over centuries to create our exclusive patterns. This small group of artisans is constantly refining their skills and takes great pride in perfecting their craft.


Each year the US produces more than 4 million pounds of waste from gift wrap and grocery bags alone. Unlike traditional gift wrap, ORU wrapping fabric can be reused and repurposed, making it a great eco-friendly alternative. The next time you have a gift to give, consider ORU and give better.

Giving Back

For each fabric sold we donate to ayzh, an organization providing a life essential - clean birth kits. These kits have helped to provide more than 600,000 women and infants with the tools needed for a safe birth and a healthy, infection-free start to life. Shop ORU & make a positive global impact.

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