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ORU furoshiki printing

Chiffonez: Furoshiki printing company, Kanagawa Japan

Chiffonez is a small traditional Japanese textile screen printing company located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.  This type of printing has earned an esteemed reputation over its 120 years of history in Japan. The current printing skill in Japan is a result of Japanese craftsmen continuously competing against each other while refining their techniques. There are currently two skilled craftsmen in the Chiffonez printing shop each with over 30 years of experience each, along with two trainees. 

Studebaker metals collaboration with ORU, copper and brass handbag rings

Studebaker MetalsMetalsmith, Pittsburgh PA

Studebaker Metals was founded in early 2014 by Michael Studebaker and Alyssa Catalano. They design and produce metal goods and accessories using traditional hand-tools and metalsmithing techniques. Much of the work is done with no more than a hammer, anvil, and fire.  Their unique toolkit even spans the 18th to 21stcenturies. Their designs are often influenced by the process and tools they use to make them, creating a simple and utilitarian aesthetic - most of their products are left with a “work patina,” and are minimally polished. Their pieces are never coated or plated, with the intention that the user will impart their own unique patina with wear.  The surface will change over time but never deteriorate - resulting in heirloom-quality goods.

Little Friends of Printmaking furoshiki/wrapping fabric collaboration with ORU

Little Friends of PrintmakingDesigners & Illustrators, Los Angeles CA

Husband-and-wife team JW and Melissa Buchanan are The Little Friends of Printmaking, a pair of award-winning illustrators and designers. They first made a name for themselves by designing and silkscreening concert posters but soon branched out into further fields. In addition to their work as illustrators and designers, they continue their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures and artists’ residencies worldwide, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. The Little Friends currently live in Los Angeles with too many animals.

Natalia Gemma furoshiki/wrapping fabric collaboration with ORU

Natalia GemmaArtist & Textile designer, Northern CA

Natalia Gemma is an artist and textile designer who was born in New England. Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, she has dedicated her life to creating thousands of prints for various designers in the fashion and home industries. She is currently working full-time as a print designer for a well-known fashion company in Northern California, while also collaborating with designers on a freelance basis. 

Natalia finds that the majority of her inspiration is derived from her love of nature and learning about different cultures. Her love of travel and adventure often forces her to take painting breaks to escape into unknown forests and seas where she feels most at home. Taking on new projects is always exciting as she loves new challenges and working with people to make their artistic dream into something tangible.


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