We think you'll love your ORU wrapping fabric and we want to help you get as much enjoyment and use out of it as possible!

To help you do so, we include step-by-step folding instructions for some of our more popular furoshiki wraps with each shipment.  We have also created an ORU Fabric Size Guide to help you choose the right sized fabric for your needs - we hope you find it helpful!

In addition, we've produced more than a dozen video tutorials, because we know that they can really facilitate the learning process.

Finally, we've created an eBook, Furoshiki for every day of the week: A step-by-step guide.  This is a fun little guide highlighting the history of furoshiki and of ORU, which demonstrates 7 different ways that you can incorporate furoshiki into your everyday life. We hope you enjoy it!

Click HERE to download our eBook!



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