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Lori Cesario ORU wrapping fabric furoshiki

At ORU (which means to fold in Japanese), we’ve designed gorgeous, bespoke fabrics which have as many uses as there are facets to your personality.

ORU owner, Lori Cesario, combines a creative nature with an eye for detail and a goal of helping to decrease our environmental impact using fabric gift wrap.

Desiring to make a positive impact in the world, Lori studied veterinary medicine and currently practices as a board-certified veterinary oncologist. She enjoys helping pet parents come to terms with a cancer diagnosis, choose a treatment option they feel comfortable with, and helping her oncology patients achieve remission.

After working for years in a field where life is fragile, Lori began looking for a creative outlet.  Combining her love of art and artistry with her enthusiasm for nurturing and protecting the environment, Lori began developing the idea for ORU. An admirer of the centuries-old Japanese art of furoshiki (pronounced Fu-rosh-ki), Lori saw how bringing this practice into modern-day culture could help eliminate the 4 million pounds of waste that enter American landfills each year due to gift wrap and grocery bags alone.

Lori scoured the globe for the highest quality printing shop and most talented artists to collaborate with in the design and development of ORU’s wrapping fabrics. The result is a curated selection of gorgeous, painstakingly-produced hand-printed fabrics, which can be used to present beautiful gifts, carry groceries, create handbags, and can even be worn as scarves or head wraps.

ORU wrapping fabrics are gifts that can be reused and reinvented to enhance the lives of your friends and family.

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ORU has partnered with ayzh to take ORU’s positive global impact a step further. Each purchase of an ORU wrapping fabric means $1 donated to this organization which provides clean birthing kits for women and has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives saved.  

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