Video Tutorials

Below you will find a collection of wrapping fabric video tutorials. Our hope is that these furoshiki tutorials will help you see how easy it is to create many different beautiful fabric wraps.

Remember that fabric is forgivable! You can simply adjust the placement of a knot and even tuck loose fabric out of the way until your completely proud of the end result.

Feel free to share photos of your creations with us at - we'd love to see them!

The above video demonstrates a simple or overhand knot. 

The double (ma musubi) knot is the classic knot used in furoshiki. If done correctly, you'll be able to easily slide the opposing sides apart after the knot is complete, as demonstrated.

This is the most simple way to wrap a gift with furoshiki and will work well with both square and rectangular boxes. For more information on how to choose the right sized fabric for your gift, check out our ORU size guide. This wrap is also used to wrap bento in Japan!

Pro tip: Start by laying the fabric with the back side facing up. 

The Flower gift wrap technique just requires a few steps and the end result is really impressive!  Perfect for square boxes.  For more information on how to choose the right sized fabric for your gift, check out our ORU size guide.

Pro tip: Start with the fabric back side facing up.

After the final step (creating a flower by placing two fabric corners into the center of the hole, which was created in step 1), adjust the newly formed petals as needed to create a perfect flower. Fabric is very forgivable, so unlike paper, you can adjust as much as needed after you finish the wrap!

The bun wrap is a quick and easy technique for wrapping round boxes with fabric and achieving an elegant result.  Check out the ORU size guide for help choosing the right sized fabric for your gift.

Pro tip: Start by laying fabric back side facing up. When choosing an object to help push the fabric tips through your knot (bun), choose something that is hard, narrow, but not sharp (you don't want to poke a hole in the fabric!).

This wrap is one of the more rewarding.  When done right, the end result just looks really impressive!

Pro tip:  A few to keep in mind...

Start with the fabric back side facing up. Using a round or spherical object will often yield the best result.  

Look at the image of the final result - notice how far you want the fabric corner to hang in front of your wrap. Keep this in mind when you are making your wrap and adjust accordingly.

When creating the bag handles you will need to twirl one side towards and one side away from you in order to make the "handle" stiff enough to stand on its own. When joining both sides, really try to tie the double knot as close to the fabric tips as possible for the best result. 

After you've completed all of the steps, you may not think your wrap looks very good - this is okay! Don't take it apart. Try to improve the appearance and tighten excess fabric by tucking the fabric "here and there".  Remember that fabric is really forgivable.  You can usually get a really impressive result even if it didn't start off that way!

Off to a dinner party, birthday, or picnic?  Wrap the wine in colorful furoshiki for an extra special touch.  

Have a friend that would appreciate fancy oil and vinegar more than wine? Just use our medium sized fabric (26.7") instead of large (35.4").

Pro tip: Lay fabric back side up to start.

For best results ensure that the fabric corner that lands between both bottles is pinched and hidden by them when standing the bottles up.

Wine bottles use 35.4" fabric. Oil and vinegar use 26.7" fabric.

The next time you gift a bottle of wine, skip the gift bag and surprise your friends with this fancy wine wrap.  We're sure they'll be impressed, and they'll have a beautiful piece of fabric to use over and over again.

Pro tip: Lay the fabric back side facing up to start. Use ORU's medium-sized fabric, 26.7".

Do you have a couple of books to carry but feel that there's not enough room in your purse and you don't want to carry a backpack?  This may be your solution! We love the 2 book wrap because it is so simple and functional!

Pro tip: Lay fabric back side facing up to start. Use books sized similarly for the best result.

Want a strong, lightweight, reusable bag that you can keep in your handbag and have for a last-minute trip to the grocery store, beach, farmers market, or even the gym?  This bag is perfect.  Strong enough to carry a watermelon and machine washable!

Pro tip: Lay the fabric front side facing up.

To create a deeper bag, tie the simple/overhand knots farther from the corners of the fabric in step 1.

In the video, I am folding ORU's medium fabric, 26.7". For most purposes, the large fabric, 35.4", is more appropriate (shopping, gym). The small size is great for a child-size bag.  

If you can tie two double knots, you can create this bag - anyone can do it! This is another really versatile bag that can be used at the beach, grocery store, or even to carry your yoga mat.

Pro tip: Lay fabric back side up to start.

ORU large wrapping fabric (35.4") needed to carry a yoga mat and suggested for groceries and beach outings. The medium sized fabric (26.7") is perfect for a child-sized Carry All Bag.

This is such a simple bag to create.  In just two easy steps you can create a great bag.  Plus, you can mix and match different fabric colors with the same strap for even more possibilities.  If you feel like a different bag would suit you better on any particular day, just fold the fabric differently :)

Pro tip: Lay the fabric back side facing up.

For demonstration purposes, ORU's medium sized fabric (26.7") was used in the video, however, we recommend using ORU's large sized fabric (35.4") for an adult-sized bag.

Our brass and copper handbag rings are custom designed and each pair is made by hand using only a hammer, anvil and fire.  We think they're beautiful and a perfect compliment to our fabric for creating a great purse.  

I'll admit, this is one of the more challenging wraps to create, and it may take a few attempts for you to think it's perfect.  The amount of fabric tied around each ring will affect the size of the bag - so once you get this right, you're all set!

Pro tip: Lay the fabric back side facing up. Use ORU's medium sized fabric, 26.7".

This bag is great not only because it looks cute, but because you can adjust its size and shape after you've finished.  

Pro tip: Lay the fabric back side facing up to start. 

The video demonstrates creating the bag using ORU's medium sized fabric (26.7"), which will create a small purse. For a larger handbag, use the large size fabric (35.4"). 

For the final step, tie the double not as close as possible to the fabric corner - this will allow the bag handles to be as long as possible (and it looks better!).

When the bag is complete, adjust the size and shape by making the handles longer or shorter. Usually, the handles require lengthening, which is best accomplished by grasping the handles (one side at a time) at their base and gently pulling in opposite directions, then repeat on the other side. 

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